söndag 15 februari 2015

My motivation and pepp is back!

A rough month

I’ve had a rough month with [Questioning why I cosplay], and [Injure my hand]. A few days ago I sat down and thought about what I think is fun with cosplay, and what I don’t think is fun. I came up with two lists:

- Planning and research
- Problem-solving
- Craft foam
- Electronics
- Leather 
- Crossplay
- Compete
- Judging
- Writing for my blog
- Have my photo taken by strangers
- Hanging with friends at the con
- Teaching what I know

Not fun
- Materials that you “have” to use
- Makeup
- Wigs
- Poses
- Molding and Casting
- Fiberglass
- Sleeping halls
- Drama
- Deadlines
- Uncomfortable cosplays
- Working on the floor

Seeing these list on paper made me realize that the reason why I’ve questioned why I cosplay is because I’ve been trying to do too much of the not-fun things, and too little of the fun things. So I’ve decided to turn the table; I’ll from now on mainly do things from the fun list, and ignore the things on the not-fun list.
(Things on the not-fun list are not strictly ignored. I will still use wigs and makeup for my cosplays, but I will not chose characters that require advanced makeup, and I will commission the wigs. I will not use the “fancy” materials just because they I popular, but I might still use them if I find that they actually are the best choice for a specific part. I want to learn advanced makeup, casting, prosthetics, and wigs; but I won’t use it in a cosplay until I find them to be fun.)

What does this mean for my current projects?

This means that I have to do some cleanup in all my current projects. Therefore, this is my current status with everything I make:

Thunderfury: I will throw everything away and start fresh with cardboard instead of Styrofoam.
Battlegear of Wrath: I will make it in craft foam instead of Worbla.
IronMan: I will make is in craft foam instead of fiberglass.
Zelda: Commission the wig, but continue make everything else myself.
R2D2: I will not do anything with R2 until I have a proper workshop.
Blastoise: On hold until my next burst of Blastoise-motivation.
Lord English: Still on hold indefinitely.

I want to make more cosplays, only doing the fun things, only using material I’m comfortable with, and not care as much about fancy materials and techniques. I also want to compete more, improve and fine-tune, maybe win something, and eventually even qualify for the Swedish cosplay championship? And I want to reuse old cosplay, just for the fun of it.

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