måndag 15 december 2014

ConFusion 2014 – Con report continuation

This is a continuation of the ConFusion 2014 Con report.

After a night sleep home in my own bed, I feel that I have some more things to say about ConFusion 2014.

- There were no food at the convention; the cafeteria didn’t even have 50cl bottles that I could fill with water.

- The sleeping halls opened at 21 the first day. I understand that this was because it was a normal school day, so they didn’t have access to the building until then. But if you don’t have access to the sleeping hall, then at least provide a place where you can change into cosplay. There were only a few small toilets, and a hallway for cosplayers to use. I even saw people changing into cosplay at Burger King.

- The cosplay show had really good intermission acts. The pirates skit succeeded in bringing up the pepp, despite not being able to turn down the lights at the stage. The Disney Christmas skit felt warm and fun, and Figgarow’s singing was really good.

- I understand that almost everything at the con was organized in less than two months. It should not be like that, but the staff did the best they could with the shitty situation they had.

- There was always a queue to the wardrobe (at least when I needed it). I mostly just ignored it and just placed my bags in some corner. The last morning the queue was so long it reached halfway through the hall. But they must have done something right this time because it moved really fast, and when I walk out from leaving my bags the queue was gone. Well done wardrobe team!

- The convention opened at 11:00 during Saturday and Sunday. What should a morning person like I do for 4-5 hours every morning? Something I really can’t understand is why the sleeping halls closed at 11:45 on the Sunday and we had to bring all our bags with us to the convention area (resulting in the super long queue to the wardrobe). Wouldn’t it be better to have a second wardrobe at the sleeping halls that would be open until 1h after the convention closed? This way the sleeping hall staff has time to clean the sleeping rooms, there will be no queue or bags in the corners at the convention, and everyone will be happy.

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