söndag 27 juli 2014

NärCon 2014 – Initial thoughts

Each night at NärCon I wrote down what I had done that day and some thoughts about it. These are some of my notes. I will probably write a more overall-review in a day or so.

Doctor Who-meetup
They had a fun scenario where The Doctor thought he was John Smith and the attendees where his students. I pretended to be late and gave him a stone pear (in-joke). The room was however much too small.

A panel where a panel of cosplayers answered questions as their characters. It was better than I expected, and well organized. Some of the cosplayers could have talked stronger so everyone could hear.

Opening Ceremony
A lot of Pepp! Too much dance for my taste, it had however a good variation so I didn’t get too bored. Everything was in English which I think is a good change considering how large NärCon has become.

Good stage. Good performances, for being the first year, but no one really impressed me. There were very few entries. Where were the other ones? Had they all dropped out? The skits consisted of a few dances, and one comedy with an overdone theme.

Hotel (Scandic West)
We paid for a 3-person room; got 1 single bed, 1 sofa bed, and 1 extra bed. Bad pressure in the shower. Nice personnel and free parking.

Cosplay Chess
I took the initiative to clean the room before the chess. During the chess I sat in the background being nervous over the program I had coded and that Sedra controlled. Everything went fine. I found 2 things I want to improve with the program though.

I happened to stumble into a lecture on how to build an R2D2, I was very inspired. I might do something like that in the future.

I attended the QnA, the Game show, and the Talk show, that all featured EatYourKimchi. Simon and Martina have such a good chemistry and competitive spirit. I would love to see more of EatYourKimchi at future events.

CMV competition
There were quite a few entries in this new competition, but only one was good enough to impress me. VändettA Cosplay was definitely best. The CMV competition took place as a part of the NCC-warm up, I’m not sure if that was a good idea since it took a very long time to show all CMVs.

It felt very epic! Too bad there where technical difficulties that made the organizers decide to not show the intros for each contestant. The cosplayers where all amazingly good, and they all had stunning performances.

Water War
I haven’t had so much fun in ages. It was great to just play and have fun. I had a super soaker with a 3Liter backpack so I rarely had to refill with water. If was fun to see how teams formed on the battlefield. Someone must have thought I was a bit too overpowered because he sneaked up behind me and emptied a full bucked over my head. Great fun in the very hot weather.

Cosplay competition
Really good cosplayers. VändettA Cosplay’s intermission skit was good. But T-Rex Gymnastics’ intermission “skit” was sooooo bad. Intermission skits are supposed to bring up the energy and made the audience Pepp again. But now, if the audience wasn’t exhausted I’m sure T-Rex Gymnasitcs’ would have been booed off the stage. Everyone around me in the audience just lay down on their backs, covered their eyes and ears and took a nap.
Everyone in the Master category was really impressive, I felt like I wanted to be up there with them. I did however note that several of the Masters broke a very specific rule; you are not allowed to have any assistance on stage.

Skit-panel with Norrländsk Cosplayfront
I felt like such a fan boy during the skit-panel, I knew every song, every skit referenced, and it was fun to see at least parts of NCF again.

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  1. Oh my, I would have wanted to at least see the Water War! Maybe one of the things that makes me regret not being able to go to Närcon this year haha. I wonder if anyone recorded it...