torsdag 6 mars 2014


Dreamhack will host a cosplay competition, and I’m a bit conflicted, should I go or not…

It’s Dreamhack! It’s the largest thing we have in Sweden; there are seats for 5000 in the audience (and 20’000-somthing visitors overall). And I’m sure they can make a good show out of it.

It’s Dreamhack… 20’000-something teenagers with no shame and no feeling for personal space. It’s disgusting and smelly; I don’t want to get my cosplays ruined.

As of now, the only thing we know it that they will host a competition, and that YayaHan will be one of the judges. I don’t care much about Yaya, what I want to know is how the competition itself will be organized. Have they hosted a cosplay competition before? What kind of competition is it (in style with NärCon? CosplaySM? Or something foreign?) 

And then we come to more personal things: can I afford it? Do I have a cosplay worthy of competition?

But right now… I don’t have enough information to decide.

Does anyone have any experience with how the cosplay climate is at Dreamhack?

Got in contact with one of the organizers:
The format of the competition is still secret.
There will be no protection against the filth; outside the competition the cosplayers are just regular visitors (which mean I would have to pay 550sek just to be there).

I’ve heard that the cosplay climate is terrible, there are no cosplay to speak of, and last time someone cosplayed at Dreamhack they got beat up (I don’t know how true this is, but I wouldn’t risk it).

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  1. Hmm seems a bit risky if you ask me. :/ I don't know much at all about Dreamhack but if your gut feeling tells you that it might not be the best idea then I would keep my cosplays away from it.. even if it would be only because of the risk that they might get ruined. But then again, I barely know shit about Dreamhack so.. *shrugs*