tisdag 18 mars 2014

Cosplay at NärCon2014

I’m so excited for the changes in NärCon’s cosplay competition. There will be a Novice/Intermediate/Master system, and five different kinds of shows (WalkOn (no competition), Hall Cosplay, Solo Performace, Duo Performance, and Group Performance). Sweden is finally starting to become a little more international!

I’m so excited! I want to compete, I really do, but since you can’t win anything at the regular WalkOn anymore, I’ll have to do a performance. And since I don’t have anyone to cosplay with, I have to do a solo performance. And I don’t qualify into novice, so I have to compete at intermediate (since I haven’t won anything, at least I don’t have to go into masters).  

So… Intermediate Solo Performance… and 4 months…
I don’t even know if I can finish my cosplay in that time, let alone come up with and practice a performance. So maybe I’ll pass on the competition this year, and focus on a performance worthy cosplay for next year instead
…? I don’t know… maybe I could finish in time and come up with a good performance? Or maybe I even could do another (more performance friendly) cosplay… but four months… I don’t know what to do!

Links (in swedish):


Saranya cleared up some information I got wrong; there will be a “normal” competition as well, so I don’t have to do a performance. (As of writing this, there is no information on the website about the “normal” competition)

So I think I’ll do like this: I’ll compete in the “normal” competition this year, and work on a performance for next year. Yeah… that feels better.

EDIT 2: (2014-05-05)

I’ve decided to apply for the Master category. I have a cosplay I want to make, and I believe I have enough time to complete it. And I have some ideas for a performance. 

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  1. Hello!
    If you only want to compete in the regular cosplay-competition you will not be required to have a performance. Solo Performance is a separate competition with separate tickets (which you are also welcome to compete in, but you will need 2 separate tickets as said.)
    So if you only want to compete in the regular cosplay-competition it will be a traditional "walk on stage" competition and the judges will look at your costume.
    Thank you for your interest and if you have any further questions you can always reach us in the cosplayteam on cosplay@narcon.se (´▽`*)