fredag 1 november 2013


At ConFusion I saw a lot of good skits, and today the winning skit found its way to YouTube [link].
Seeing the skit again makes me really want to do skits. But it also reminded me of why the likelihood of me doing a skit is very low.

You see; I’m very bad at coming up with ideas for skits. And even if I did, I don’t want to do solo skits; I don’t have the confidence to stand alone on stage.

So I would need someone to do it with (either another person or a group). The problem is that 1: I don’t have a cosplay group, and 2: almost every cosplayer I know live to far away to be able to meet and practice as much as I would want. Because if I do a skit I want it to be well rehearsed (like at least once every 2 weeks for a couple of months), I’ve seen too many skits where the cosplayers met for the first time at the convention.

I’m also not the leader type. But if I take the initiative to make a skit I’m expected to take care of everything (somewhere to practice, make sure to keep the group together, etc), and I’m not very good at that. And to just go like “Do you want to do a skit? Good! Now you take care of everything” feels very douchey.

Oh well. Someday I’ll stand on stage again. Someday.

(Maybe I should do cosplay videos instead? They might be easier… I would still prefer to not do it alone though…)

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