torsdag 1 augusti 2013

Not-the-day-after-review of NärCon 2013

  • Things were scheduled very late. I feel a bit old for saying this, but I struggled to stay awake for NCC, and fell asleep in my hotel before “Late Night with NärCon” where the winners were announced.
  • That NärCon yet again refused to put the big Cosplay Chess on the big stage, but yet still tried to claim credit for the chess. The real credit goes to CBG-kai, and always will.
  • The intermission between the individual cosplay competition and the skits. Sure, the piano guy was good, but we wanted to see skits. I was tired from the competition and the heat, so I left.
  • I heard that the sms-voting for the cosplay competition didn’t work.
  • I saw in a picture that “006” was displayed on the screen behind me on stage. I was #5….

  • 5000 visitors. I love to see a Swedish convention grow that big, but it was very crowded, and if they plan to grow even more next year, they NEED to get a better area.
  • The big outdoor stage. It could take a significantly larger audience than the previous indoor stage, but relied on the weather. The fact that the regular cosplay competition was held outdoors during the day took away the effects from my cosplay when my lights didn’t show in the sun.

  • Kind and caring Pandas behind the stage before the cosplay competition. I was constantly offered water and a place in the shade (even though I could not fit under the tent), and there were always someone with a fan cooling me down. I am very thankful for that.
  • The new check-in system during the Thursday.
  • The fact that they checked everyone’s bands at the entrance (unlike what they did at NärCon:Winter).
  • So many international visitors, and not only from the NCC countries.
  • The thunderstorm Friday morning. It didn’t force anything to be canceled, and cooled the ground.
  • I was allowed to skip ahead in the line for the competition-photo.
  • The photoshoot with Grethe was very fun, and I would like to thank her and Gabriel for making it possible

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