söndag 28 juli 2013

NärCon 2013

25-28 of July 2013
Linköping University
5000 tickets sold

NärCon 2013 turned out to be a rather unusual experience for me, I can’t exactly explain how, but my experience felt more professional. It was also my first time when I didn’t go alone; I had my brother with me. And we stayed at a hotel, which is a NärCon-first for me.


We didn’t do much this day. Checked in, got our convention-bands, walked around, did preparations for coming days.


The big cosplay chess by CBG-kai.
My brother stood on the board as Giovanni from Pokémon. I was his “summon” as Armoured MewTwo. It was very hot and I couldn’t see anything. But the people at CBG helped me get on and off the “battle-area”, and Giovanni’s commands was clear enough so I knew what to do. The cheers when I entered the battle the first time made me smile inside the helm.

In the evening I watched Nordic Cosplay Championship (NCC). The event was much better than last year, and the cosplayers were very good.


The cosplay competition.
Before the competition Grethe and I had a photoshoot as our two different versions of MewTwo. It was fun.
The competition itself was over quite fast. I had an early number (5) and there were no need to stay after the entry, so I changed back to civilian clothes. I couldn’t see or hear much, but I was later told that I got the most cheers out of any cosplayer.

After the competition and a shower, I had a small shoot with the Midnight Crew before I went to the Q&A with Gary Russel from Doctor Who. I even got to ask a question. Then my brother and I went back to the hotel and I crashed. I was completely knocked out from exhaustion.


Nothing big happened, other than the closing ceremony.

Overall thought

Armoured MewTwo has been my first cosplay that I stressed to the last few days before the con, and the first cosplay to make me feel sick and throw up Friday and Saturday morning from nervousness. And even though the competition was tough, I am a bit disappointed that I wasn’t nominated in any category at all. And the fact that the sms-voting didn’t work probably didn’t help my chances.

Pictures will come when I get them.

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