måndag 15 april 2013

MewTwo WIP 9

Arm armour version 2 done*.

Two layer Spray Filler (with a lot of fine grain sanding between and after)

One layer wood glue (PVA?)

Primer + Two layer color (Metallic graphite gray) + Clear varnish

I’m very much happier with this result compared to version 1. I’ll most likely make the whole armour with this technique. I’ll probably complete the rest of the armour one step at the time (build everything in craft foam, and then spray everything with filler, and so on)

*ok, not done. I’ll do a special order for the correct color

Edit, new special ordered colour; BMW Titanium Silver (WRC7B)

Yes, my camera sucks.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Woaah, that's wicked cool man!! o_o Awesome!
    Is it still craft foam?

    What is this spray filler really by the way? Vad heter det på svenska.. användningsområden?

    1. Yes, it's still craft foam.

      Spray Filler = "Sprayspackel/Sprutspackel". Mats from mrcosplay.com told me about it. Can be bought at Biltema (http://www.biltema.se/sv/Bilvard/Farg-och-Lack/Sprutspackel-36689/)

    2. Oh, awesome!
      Thanks I'll keep it in mind!

  2. Isn't it still a tad dark? I always imagine the armor as more gray than black-ish.

    1. This was the closest colour I could find.