måndag 15 april 2013

Cosplay drama and Cosplay ≠ Consent, or Lucky and Naive

First of all: Even though I’ve never experienced something like it, nor do I know anyone that has. I fully support the “Cosplay ≠ Consent”-movement. The closest I’ve got to experience some kind of sexual harassment while in cosplay was the creepy old man at the subway station who kept asking me what I was doing later that evening and wanted to buy me a coffee. I was crossplaying Sailor Jupiter. At first I didn’t realize his intent, but as soon as I understood what he wanted, I walked away and stepped into a small shop. 

Maybe I’m just naive, but I don’t think it’s a big problem in Sweden, maybe because cosplay is still quite unknown. Or: I’m just very lucky to never have seen any of it.

Something I’ve heard about the Swedish cosplay community is that it has a lot of drama. Yet again; I must be lucky or naive, because I’ve not seen any of it either.

Well, sure, there are elitists with a “we and they”-mentality, and you have to know the right people to really get anywhere. But it’s not very bad, at least not compared to the LARP community I was a part of for 6 years. While I was a LARPer, there was so much drama, so much talking behind people’s backs, so many accusations (both true and false), and so many “we are better than them”-elitists. It was a constant struggle to earn respect and “climb the ladder” just to not be ignored. Compared to my experiences in the LARP community, the Cosplay community is nothing.

Or: I’m just lucky and naive.

Disclaimer: These are just my thoughts and subjective experiences. They might differ from reality.

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