torsdag 17 januari 2013

Hearts Boxcars

Photo: Filip Habhome Andersson

One of the members of the Midnight Crew from Andrew Hussie’s MSPaint Adventures “Problem Sleuth” and “Homestuck”.

I wanted, for once, to create a more causal just-for-fun cosplay.

The cosplay consists of:
  • Black morphsuit, with sewn on face (not shown in these pictures).
  • Black suit with black shirt, tie and shoes. 
  • Black coat.
  • Black Stetson VitaFELT hat.
  • A Head, made from foam and black wool. It was just quickly thrown together; I’ll probably redo it if I wear this cosplay again.

Photo: Filip Habhome Andersson

Below: Pictures from NärCon:2013
Hearts Boxcars: me
Diamonds Droog: Alexander Lundgren
Spades Slick: Jeanethe Fartsparkles

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