måndag 31 december 2012

New Year

It’s that time of the year when everyone is looking back at the past year. So I thought I should do the same.
This year can be put into two major categories:

School and Programming
The school year has been filled with stress, panic and a lot of hard work. I started the year by failing two exams in F# and Basic Math. In the next period I was very close at failing Computer Graphics as well. I even stopped doing any assignments for three weeks, but then I pulled myself together and handed in everything on the same day, and then went on to finish the entire course. 32 students registered for the Computer Graphics course. 8 finished all assignments. We saw 2 others at the project presentation. Computer Graphics was a victory for me, but then I went and failed on the re-exam for Basic Math.

After the summer, school started easy again, but in the last period there has been a lot of panic and stress. One day I seriously said that if it didn’t get any better by the end of the day, I would jump of the course. Luckily it became better and I stayed.

As for programming, it has been on a steady decline. During the spring I had many interesting and fun projects. My favourite is an Evolution Simulator. At the end of the summer I began to work on my largest and most ambitious project so far. I created my own Engine and Editor for a tile based RPG. It even supported scripting. I really believed that I would be able to complete it. But the more I learned in school, the less motivation I got for my project. And the later in the year, the less time I’ve had for my own projects. The motivation is slowly returning though.

Cosplay and Conventions
This has been my 2nd year as a cosplayer. The big cosplay of the year has been Sailor Jupiter. To do a crossplay has truly been an experience. I’ve learned a lot about myself, gained some insight in how it is to be a girl, and have had my eyes opened about gender roles and the trans*-community.

The first convention of the year was YoiCon:03. I was invited by Rosie; it would be her last Swedish convention before she had to go back to Australia. I had just completed Jupiter in time for the con, so I took her for a test run. The convention itself was overall very boring.

In the spring there was DinoCon:01. Another opportunity to try out Jupiter before the big summer-cons. It was quite a success, and I was even convinced to take part in the cosplay competition. I won shared 2nd place in Audience Choice. There weren’t much to do at the convention, so I spent most of my non-cosplay time with new and old friends.

Finally it was summer! It started off with UppCon:12 “The Last Convention”. UppCon had a grandeur no other Swedish convention could compare with at the time. I wore Jupiter yet again. I don’t know how to summarize UppCon and still do it justice. There were so much to do, so many good and famous cosplayers, and the quality of the cosplay show and Swedish Cosplay Championship is almost unmatched.

I said almost. Because in the end of the summer there was NärCon:2012. NärCon is the only other Swedish convention with the same high standard as UppCon. NärCon is a bit cozier than UppCon, but it still attracts all the good and famous cosplayers. The cosplay show was even better than UppCon, but the Nordic Cosplay Championship was a flop. I chose not to cosplay at NärCon. I didn’t want to turn into a “single character cosplayer”, so I left Jupiter at home, and Sheik was still to damaged. I still had a good time with new and old friends, but I did miss to cosplay.

The last convention of the year came in form of Confusion:2012. I had finally repaired Sheik and did a long planned photo shoot together with Brainshake. Confusion was smaller than the summer cons, but still managed to attract a lot of good and famous cosplayers. I had a good time.

Hopes and resolutions
I won’t do any New Year resolutions, I don’t believe in that. But I do have some hopes for 2013.

I hope to finish my studies.
I hope to find a job when the studies are done.
I hope to move to Västerås.
I hope to continue with my big programming project.
I hope to compete with Armoured MewTwo.

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  1. Nicely written! Thank you! And I agree that Närcon and Uppcon are (or were, for Uppcon), the two cons in Sweden with the highest standard, or what to call it. Both are really good and a class on their own when it comes to conventions in Sweden.. at least for now. :) I hope Uppcon gets a worthy successor though.

    Also I'm really happy to hear that Jupiter gave you so much even outside of cosplay, yay for eye-openers!

    I'm looking forward to meeting you even next year at cons and what cosplays you will do! Thanks for a great 2012 my friend!