fredag 30 november 2012

Still surprised

I don’t understand why I’m still surprised when I find out things like this.

The Swedish cosplay community is indeed quite small. It should not surprise me that other cosplayers know each other, or that someone that has done a good cosplay probably also has done something else. But I’ve fallen in this trap three times now.
  1. At UppCon:12, I was cosplaying Sailor Jupiter when I randomly met two other sailor scouts (Uranus and Neptune). We took some pictures together, hung out half of the day and got to know each other a little. Little did I know, these two Sailor Scouts were “TheCarebearFag” and “SnowChild”, members of both FarbrorEstersPojkar and Starfish (the “Uta no prince sama” group that won at UppCon:12 and got the honor of doing all the middle acts at NärCon:12).
  2. At NärCon:X, I saw the winning skit “Koreanska Damer” by some random Hetalia group. More than a year later, I found the amazing CMV group VändettA. It turned out that it was VändettA that won at NärCon:X. But not only that, I was already following all three members on tumblr, and had them as Facebook friends, without even knowing it.
  3. Just right now, and it’s this that made me write this post, I saw a picture of a Jack Frost cosplay on the front page of DeviantArt. That Jack Frost cosplayer is part of the duo CosplayCruizers, I have been following the other part of the duo on tumblr for quite some time (without knowing his relation to the duo). But not only that, the duo also did a Supernatural pair-cosplay for NärCon:12 (they got one of my votes in the competition). And apparently they did the Marauders Skit on that same convention, and in that skit “TheThingIAm” was cosplaying Lily Evans. I’ve known “TheThingIAm” for 6 years.

The Swedish cosplay community is indeed quite small. This makes me wonder, have anyone had this kind of “aha moment” about me? Or am I not established enough yet.

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