onsdag 28 november 2012

Low season update

It kind of “low season” in convention-Sweden right now, so not much has been happening. But here’s an update anyway.

I have repaired all the damages on Sheik, she has a new wig and a new pair if lenses. I might do some new finger wrappings since they are not very fresh anymore.

I’ve slowly started to work on Armoured MewTwo. I started on the thighs a long time ago, but wasn’t sure how to continue with them until today. They are hopefully done now, but we’ll have to see how they look when the “skin” is added. My motivation (or “pepp”) to complete MewTwo has become strong the last days. I really look forward to complete and premiere him. I have secret plans to try and make my brother be my “handler”, and I want him to cosplay Giovanni (he does not know about my plans yet). My goal is to premiere MewTwo at NärConSummer:2013, but we’ll see, I won’t stress this cosplay.

Speaking of conventions; Next week I’ll be going to ConFusion in Göteborg (Gothenburg). I’ll bring Sheik. Brainshake and I plan to have a photoshoot together, I’m really looking forward to that. Other than that I haven’t made any plans but I’ll definitely watch the cosplay competition. I might film cosplayers for a regular convention video, we’ll see.

I’ll also do my best to get tickets for NärConWinter.

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  1. Great to hear that you have repaired Sheik and also that Mewtwo is back in business. I hope you get it done to Närcon summer because it would certainly be a treat to see. But don't stress it. :)