måndag 16 januari 2012


A few days ago I was contacted by a guy from USA (New Jersey). He admired my Sheik cosplay and asked if I could do a Brawl-Sheik commission for him. I was stunned. I have never received requests about commissions before. It made me feel so incredibly talented. A stranger was looking for a Brawl-Sheik, and of all other Sheik-cosplayers, he chose to contact me. It really boosted my ego.

However, I had to turn it down. I have neither time nor opportunity to build another Sheik. He tried to persuade me a little, but I made him to finally realize that I cannot build anything for him.

Regarding commissions: As a rule, I do not do commissions. You are however welcome to persuade me. I rarely have time and honestly dosen’t feel so talented that I can build something for someone else. Regarding armor parts in leather: I need to have access to the model’s / cosplayer’s physical body to wet-shape the leather.

I encourage you however to try to build your own cosplay. I am happy to answer questions.

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