söndag 1 maj 2011


11h – ~$58

Sheik’s weapon, a tanto (long knife, small katana). Never used in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, even though it is part of the suit. For this reason (and for safety reasons), you can’t pull it out the sheath.

The tanto’s and the sheath’s decorations consist of 0.5 mm thick metal plate. The sheath and handle are made ​​of 1mm natural tanned leather.

I measured carefully and made ​​several calculations to get the length and angle of the tanto right. Then I cut out the knife in the metal, used "metal-sandpaper" to round off sharp edges. The sheath and the handle were sewn around the tanto and metal decorations were then fastened with a hammer.

and solutions:
The first version of the tanto consisted of wood. This proved to be problematic and I never got it to look good. Had I started working in metal at once I had would have saved three hours of work.
Another problem was that the red grid got messed up. This was solved with glue.

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