söndag 1 maj 2011


3h - ~$ X

The coloring process. Sheik is blue, not natural colored.

I used leather color of the brand "Eco-Flo All in One"

After many tests I concluded that the leather needs to be roughened. I use
two different tools for this, the steel brush I use to clean the chain mail, and a plate used in grinding machines (had no sandpaper at home).
I used regular dish sponges to spread the paint evenly over the leather. To obtain different shades, I had to work in different ways. For the usual blue color it was only to dye as usual. For the lighter blue I used light pressure with the sponge
and quickly dried off the color with paper. And to get the darker blue color, I used many layers, alternately blue and black.
A moment later, when I glued the lining on the leg leather I found that fabric glue dissolves leather color. I used this to my advantage to get to a worn surface of the leather. I smeared the glue and quickly remove it with paper. It gave a really good effect. I used a similar technique for the lighter edges of the arm leather; I rubbed the glue with a sponge and worked out a number of layers.

and solutions:
No problems,
just unexpected benefits.

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