tisdag 4 januari 2011

I can’t wait

The clay didn’t work out well. So I threw it away.

I found a piece of wood with a good shape at Panduro. This piece of wood will be turned into a pyramid and then colored in metallic paint.

I was at Clas Ohlson and found a Gas Burner. With this I can heat up and bend metal. All I need is to go to Bauhaus and buy some metal rods and the problem with the metal decorations is solved.

Finally, I talked to a shoemaker about how to increase the food grip. He offered to fix it for me. Tomorrow I’ll bring him the shoes.

Do I need to say that Sheik is going really well?

When I’ve done these three things, and received the Styrofoam head, there is no obstacle left!

Too bad I have to prioritize school the coming two weeks.

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