måndag 27 december 2010

Almost done

Sheik is going very well. I have so few things left to do, it’s almost painful. The tanto has been rebuilt in metal and it looks good enough. I have also attached it to the back with snap fasteners. Picture and description will be up later.

I have also been braver when it comes to the wig. I have tried to style it myself. The hairstyle isn’t too advanced after all. Though, I noticed that it’s really hard to style without one of those styrofoam heads. So I ordered one of those.

The linen wrappings have been remade. I removed them completely and replaced them with first aid bandages from the military. It looks a lot better, and it’s a lot easier to use.

I have, without success, tried to find a way to make the metal decorations. But since I neither have the material, the tools or the know-how of metalwork, I had to use an ugly emergency solution: play-dough. At the moment, all the “metal” decorations lie in my kitchen. Tomorrow, I can color them and then attach them to the tabard.

Finally, I can announce that I have signed up for the individual cosplay competition at UppCon:11. I have also started to write the documentation that has to be presented to be allowed to compete.

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