söndag 14 november 2010

14 November

I’ve realized why the sheaths don’t get good; I’ve used a bad base. I’ve used a tanto I’ve carved in wood. This tanto turned out to be both too wide and too short in height. Therefore, I’ll make a new tanto, in metal. Next time I get money I’ll go to Bauhaus and see if I can find something, both for the tanto and for the metal decorations.

Last time I got money, I bought a Wii and a SSBB. I have now played some (as Sheik of course). It was fun to see “my” Sheik in action. I have not yet completed the adventure…

The wig has arrived. It lay in my room for days before I dared to test it. This was the first time I had a wig on. I followed online tutorials. It was really difficult to put it on. I think it might be too small for me… But I got it on, eventually. I am used to long hair, but this was brutal. It was hair everywhere and it looked like I had a really bad hair day. Oh well. Now when I know how to put the wig on, it’s time to start styling. Though, I will not do this by myself, I’ll ask friends for help.

I tried the costumes some days ago and found that the linen wrappings don’t do as they should. They won’t stay. This is probably because linen isn’t stretchy at all. I’ll see if I can color real bandages, else I’ll have to find another cloth.

Because the wrappings have to be redone, I lose some % in Process. It could have been worse though; I have found a perfect cloth for the scarf, a 90x245 cm large, white linen cloth. It I use it in the right way, it will look great. I will however need something to make sure it stays in place.

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