torsdag 7 oktober 2010


10,5h - ~$X

A pair of blue leather shoes with chain mail details.

The shoes are mostly sewn in leather, parts of shoes are in chain mail. I chose to use the same black stretch fabric that I have in the body suit as background.

During my research I found that practically everyone "cheated" with the shoes. They take an old pair of shoes and cover them with fabric. I said that I should use authentic materials so I figured I might as well go all the way and sew the shoes as well. Said and done. I experimented with a newspaper to get a good pattern. Then it was just to dust off my shoemaker skills. I have hand-stitched leather shoes before, but this was four years ago. To sew shoes are not that difficult, once you know how to do. It's a bit tiring to sew the soles, but it’s manageable with good tools.

Problems and solutions:
The first problem I encountered was that my sewing awl broke. No awl = no shoes. So I had to wait a couple days before my new awl arrived in the mail.
The next problem was that it was difficult to attach the chain mail to the fabric and still be able to put on the shoes without breaking the seam. I was very tired when I came to this final stage of the shoe making. The shoes are also one of the parts that took the longest to produce. I solved the problem by taking me a night's sleep and continue refreshed the next day.

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