fredag 22 oktober 2010

22 October

I’m currently working with the sheath for Sheik’s tanto. This is the third version. The first two wasn’t good enough. The first had the seam in the wrong place, and the second was too thick. Hopefully the sheath will be good now; else I have to rework it… again.

The wig is on its way from China. Hopefully I’ll get it next week. I’ve never worked with wigs before. It’ll be exciting, but also very nervous.

I feel very “pepp”. I can’t really translate it because I recently learned about the expression and don’t know if there is a correct translation. The closest I get is “very excited”. Anyhow. The costume gets closer to 100%, I see a lot of cosplay videos and have a general “rookie hysteria”. An expression I just made up. It is when someone is fully engulfed in a new hobby. I’ve seen this “hysteria” in many new LARPers.

Ohh, another thing; Even though I’m going to cosplay Sheik from SSBB, I’ve never played SSBB. I played some SSBM on those machines in the game store, but never SSBB. That’s why I’m going to buy a Wii and SSBB now on Monday, when I get my student grant. I really look forward to that!

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