torsdag 30 september 2010

The Tabard

5h – ~$55

Sheik is not Sheik without her tabard with the classic red Sheikah-eye . This is probably the symbol most identified with Sheik’s appearance; therefore it was important to get it right.

The fabric is a white linen cloth. The color is a fabric color bought at Panduro.

I started by cutting a 150x70cm white linen fabric. The short side I sewed to the back section of the corset. After several tests I cut a hole for my head and then cut the tabard so it got the right length and shape.
Then I took a pencil and drew out the eye pattern. I painted everything with fabric paint.It was a nervous process, but it came out all right

and solutions:
The Tabard have been one of the few parts that I had to compromise. I want to have everything in real materials. However, it has been incredibly difficult to get an enough bendable metal. So after many ifs and buts, I decided to embroider the "metal parts" instead.

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