tisdag 3 augusti 2010

Leg Leather

10,5h – ~$ X

The leg leather consists of two parts: Shins and thighs. The shin parts have a carved pattern and are laced to the front. The thigh parts have a painted pattern, white lining and are fastened with bandages and with buckles on the rear.

Both shins- and thighs parts are made of 3mm natural tanned leather. The lacing is made up of leather cord and the lining is white linen.

I was a bit stupid when I made ​​these. Although I am a LARPer and know to use cardboard as a test sheet before I cut, I used plain fabric. This was punished and I had to re-cut the pieces quite a few times before they were good enough. Otherwise, it isn’t that difficult to get them in the right shape. Just soak them in hot water and shape it into the shape you want (in my case around my legs). When the leather dries, they retain the shape.
Regarding the pattern on the thighs; I equipped myself with a head lamp and studied my reference pictures really closely. With good enough lighting, I could identify the pattern in the images. I drew from them and transferred the pattern to the thighs. I'm not saying this is exactly the pattern that is inscribed in Sheik’s thigh parts. I might as well have seen wrong, and parts of the pattern was covered with linen cloth, so in these parts I just guessed.
The white lining fabric was glued to the thighs. During this process I discovered that fabric glue dissolves leather color. How this knowledge is used is described under "Coloring".

Problems and solutions:
No major problems. Use cardboard, not fabric!

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