tisdag 3 augusti 2010


9h - ~$ X

A corset to create stability and a bit more feminine forms. Laces in the front.

The corset is made of 1mm natural tanned leather. A real corset would probably have been made in thicker leather. But I felt that I must be able to move, so the choice landed on a bit thinner leather.

The corset was hell. It consists of six pieces to be hand sewn together perfectly and look great together. Without patterns and only my reference pictures to help me, it was a "pain in the ass" to get it good enough.

and solutions:
I made it to big, so I had to cut away a whole four inches from the front, which meant that the shape of the front fucked up and got out of sync with the hip parts. I
then got really mad at the corset when I
was almost done, and then managed to
slip with the knife and cut up a long tear in the leather. I was close to give up. Although I have lots of leather, I have limited amount of the 1mm leather I used for the corset. When I calmed down a bit, I could see that the tear would not be visible under the tabard. I found a super glue and glued it back together again.
In addition,
the hip parts is a bit longer than the reference, this is because I would not otherwise be able to move my legs.

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