tisdag 3 augusti 2010


4h - ~$50

A blue, worn chain mail. Used to protect the torso.

Chain mail in spring steel with mixed ordinary and nailed rings.

In our family it's not just me who is a LARPer, but also my brother. Since I do not have my own chain mail, he was kind enough to donate their old one. It was huge! I had to start by removing several inches chain mail so that it no longer went to the knees on me. Then I tried to make it a little tighter. It was not easy and I ended up giving up and just let it be as it were. Chain mail is not as super stretchy as swimsuit fabric, so it is a physical impossibility to make it narrower at the waist than at the shoulders, if you want to be able to put it on.
When the chain mail had the desired shape (or as close as possible), I cleaned it with a wire brush and paint washing. Why I did not this before? Mostly because I'm lazy; I would rather clean a waist length chain mail than a knee-length one.

and solutions:
When coloring I ran out of color. I did however get a good enough result. Actually it was better than enough. The fact that I did not get perfect coverage everywhere it isn’t just blue, it looks blue and worn out. Awesome!

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