tisdag 3 augusti 2010

Body Suit

3h - ~$53

The Body Suit is used as a base for the suit. There are many "gaps and holes" in the suit that would otherwise show naked skin. The model creators solved this with a black super tight body suit.

Black swimsuit fabric
I wanted a stretchy and durable black fabric that you can’t see through.

The Body Suit sewn into two parts (bottom and top). I used no pattern; I simply lay down on the fabric and cut along my body. This made ​​the suit super tight.

and solutions:
I have a very old sewing machine that
can’t sew stretch stitches. So I had to use the usual zig-zag stitch. This made the seam to sometimes rip.
Another problem was that the top always wanted to roll up and expose a naked stomach. This was solved by first
attach the top in the panties with safety pins, and then attach the lower section as far up on the top as possible. But not too far up, especially in the back, because then I could not lean forward.

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