fredag 6 augusti 2010

Arm Leather

11h - ~$ X

Arm protection made of leather, the upper and lower arms
are in darker colors with lighter edges and the shoulders in lighter blue with painted pattern. It's all put together with a coarse leather cord.

The Arm Leather is sewn in 3mm natural tanned leather, laces made ​​of leather cord. The leather between the upper and lower arms is made of 1mm leather, to create a bit more flexibility.

Hole punch. Damn I'm tired of the hole punch. I have used it so much in that my hands are bleeding. But it was worth it considering how good looking "stitches" the arm leather got.

and solutions:
Shoulder guards
was hell. First, I held them together with straps across my chest and neck. This proved to be very uncomfortable, and made
​​the shoulder guards to point upward. It took a while before I realized that I could sew the shoulder guards directly onto the chain mail. The chain mail’s weight kept down ​​the shoulder guards.
Another problem that arose was that I did not think of
the chain mail when I measured out the size of the upper arm parts. This meant that I could not lace its entirety, with the chain mail below. The only solution I found for this was to ignore it and let it be like that.
With or without
the chain mail it is still really difficult to alone lace under my own upper arm. No wonder the Zelda needed Impa’s help when she dressed as Sheik.
The thin leather that holds together the upper and lower arm parts are a bit longer than they are on the reference images. Otherwise the arms would be locked. Sheik’s designer didn’t think much of a practical application.

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