onsdag 11 augusti 2010

About me

My name is Anders Pantzar, 21 years old from Hallstahammar, Sweden. I study computer science at Mälardalen University. I love milk and I can’t stand when someone chew with an open mouth.

I got interested in anime and Japan at the end of my military service (spring 2010). Before, I thought anime-geeks and japan-freaks were strange. But I was bored one night and was clicking around on YouTube and found that someone had uploaded my childhood series “Sailor Moon” (with Swedish dub). I started to watch the first episodes and then downloaded the entire series (now with Japanese voices). At first I just considered myself as nostalgic. But when I passed season 3 (which didn’t air in Sweden) I started to realize that I was stuck. But I still denied it. It was first when I had watched the entire series and felt the need for more anime that I accepted to be stuck. Friends who just had came home from the convention “UppCon:10” opened my eyes for conventions. They also explained what cosplay is and I instantly decided to go to a convention and to cosplay.

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